Tendril is excited to announce their original mobile game Yum Yummy Superlicious!

The adorable Yums are out to eat all the food in the galaxy, propelled across vast reaches of space using their own butts. With fast-paced original gameplay, funky art, and simple one touch controls, Tendril’s first foray into the mobile gaming space is nothing short of delicious!

Yum Yummy Superlicious was born out of secret conversations had between renders and very serious client meetings. We whispered, we conspired, and we plotted. For almost a year, we have been creating and re-creating this ridiculously funny and super fun-to-play game. 

The Journey began back in 2017, when Tendril pitched Air Goblins, a sweet side-scrolling tower defence / brawler mashup at Ubisoft Toronto's inaugural Indie Game Series. We didn't win that day, but became proud finalists and took an award for Art Direction and Risk Mitigation. We are truly thankful for the insights and mentorship the amazing team at Ubisoft Toronto offered us. At the awards event, our inner nerds broke free and we threw caution to the wind, embarking on a year-long passion project, crafted with love.

We are also indebted to our pals at Capybara Games for their sage advice, friendship and encouragement along the way. 
And’s snack time!


Tendril is an international design and animation studio with a passion for design-driven stories and experiences. With a head office in Toronto and a sunny 2nd home in Sao Paulo, our staff consists of directors, producers, artists, animators, designers, writers, developers, technologists and strategists who have a shared ethos: bring all visual mediums to life. We are a whimsical crew of collaborators and mischief makers, always looking to find new ways to bring our art to the world.


Yum Yummy Superlicious will be available worldwide for iOS on March 29th. Subscribe via email or follow us Twitter and Instagram for news about the upcoming Android release.


Download Yum Yummy Superlicious screenshots, animations, and Hi-res stills at This Link.




Kate Bate

Executive Producer

Alexandre Torres

Creative Director

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